Sunday, November 27, 2011

If You Want Somethin' Done...

For the past two football banquets, my son's team has had no year end video.  We sit through every other team's music and photos on a large projection screen.  Our players wait and wait, and no video featuring their football season appears.

This year, I blogged much about their losing record.  These boys also experienced an abrupt end to their season due to a freak October snow.  Their football season has been peppered with obstacles.

Today is our football program's banquet, and our team deserves a film to commemorate their season.  Last night I asked Hubby to email the head coach to make sure someone prepared a film. 

Just as I suspected, no one had. 

Now, I have never made a DVD in my life.  I am lucky I have taught myself to edit photos and keep a blog.  But this mama was not having 28 hard working football players disappointed.  Last night I opened our "DVD Maker" program on our computer and I got to work.

I scrolled through hundreds of photos and dug out my old Guns N Roses "Use Your Illusion II" compact disc. 

And I made a pretty awesome tribute film for 28 super awesome boys.

If you want something done, fight through your computer illiteracy and do it yourself. 

Hallelujah and Happy Sunday!

Mommyhood Footnote: Long live Axl Rose.


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