Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday Night Football in Kansas City

My son is a die hard Chargers fan.  Philip Rivers is on his wall, a Chargers backpack carries his gear and just about every day he sports some form of Chargers attire.

Since we live on the east coast, I can't say where his Chargers loyalty began.  But ever since he decided the Chargers were his team he has never looked back.

A few weeks ago, over Halloween, my son had the opportunity of a lifetime.  Through very generous friends who have "connections" with the Kansas City Chiefs, my son was able to go the Monday Night Football game at Arrowhead Stadium.

The story begins with us wanting to get my Sports Fanatic to his first ever pro football game this year.  He lives and breathes football, and going to a Chargers game would be the experience of a lifetime.  Due to our schedules and the cost of tickets, we set our sights on flying him to Kansas City.

Monday Night Football was our best option.

Hubby spoke to our friends to see if we could have help getting decent seats to the game.  Hubby was prepared to take our son himself and I was prepared to hold down the trick-or-treat scene at home.  What we never expected was our friends to arrange the trip and to be blessed with such amazing opportunities.

Instead of Hubby taking our Sports Fanatic himself, my son's friend and his dad went along as well.  

Early Halloween morning, I sent Hubby with the camera and our son packed his carry on full of Chargers attire.  They arrived in Kansas City with just enough time to check in at the hotel and grab a bite to eat before the game.

That evening they were down on the sidelines before the game and they watched the game go into overtime from excellent seats.  A few rude hecklers aside, my son was in his glory.

And as for me, I may have been more excited for my Sports Fanatic than he was for himself.  My son has mailed two letters to Philip Rivers this year, and he still checks the mail weekly to see if anything has come in return.

He had never even been inside a football stadium, and there he was watching his hero warm up for the game from the sidelines.

The thought still brings tears to my eyes.

Oh, and Phil, if you're reading this, could you please check your fan mail?  Thanks.

Mommyhood Footnote:  This is the kind of picture one can expect when Hubby is on camera duty.

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