Friday, November 18, 2011

A Not-So Twilight Night

I am horrified to admit I did not attend the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn last night.  I unsuccessfully scrambled for weeks to find a theater showing all four Twilight movies in a row.

When Eclipse premiered, myself, my sister and my sister-in-law bought tickets to a "Twilight Experience".  The evening was positively awesome.  We wore our "Team Edward" tees and in between movies we shuffled in and out of our seats for popcorn, potty breaks and soda refills.

Yes, we are corny and we love it.
This year, with work, Gymnastics practices, cub scout meetings, and school bus arrivals we could not make a midnight movie.  We are die-hard "Twi-Tards", yet here I sit, with no memories of a Breaking Dawn movie last night.

We could have scrambled to the theater, waited in line and returned home jubilant but sleepy eyed.  We instead have chosen to wait until tomorrow.  If we weren't getting the "Twilight Experience", we at least wanted to get dinner.

Mommies have to chose their outings wisely.

Hope all the Twi-Moms had a fabulous evening at Breaking Dawn!

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