Monday, December 5, 2011

Amazon: Great Gift Ideas for Kids

While cruising Amazon, I stumbled upon a few pretty awesome deals.  Some of these items are on the wish lists for this year, some I have bought in years past. 

Current "Wish List" favorites:

The Gymnastics Queen spent a few hours playing this video game while over a friend's house.  She has been begging for it ever since.  Great deal on it this week, I may just pull the trigger....

My Gymnastics Queen (who is 8) and LLG (who is 6) spend hours playing with these precious little "critters".  They build towns.  They send them on vacations.  They set up houses and schools.  While there are imitation animals now available for less money, the original "Calico Critters" are well made and built to last. 

Another reason to splurge?  My munchkins have been playing with these little animals for over four years.

My Sports Fanatic lives, breathes and sleeps football.  The past few years I have purchased lengthy football records books with stories and information.  He is much more eager to sit and read when a football book is in hand.

Need to make a "book"more exciting?  I just found this football book loaded with activities.

Another "Mommyhood" favorite for boys?  Baseball Guys, Football guys, Hockey Guys...

For the Moopa?  We love anything to keep her busy (and quiet).  These little "lacing" kits are perfect for tiny hands.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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