Friday, December 30, 2011

Jammies and Ice Cream

For us, the pace slows after the holidays.  This week is a welcome break from the running around we do the other 51 weeks out of the year.

I let 75% of the mess stay where it is.  And I ignore it beautifully.

We stay up later and sleep in past 8am.  We order take out and rent movies.

We wear jammies and we eat ice cream.
It's pretty awesome to hide out from the world every once in awhile.
Sometimes we need to recharge the batteries in peace.

The hibernation in this house continues.  I may just hang here until Spring...

Happy Friday to everyone.  Hope it's as awesome as you are.


  1. We love to rest too.
    My 12 year old got an ice cream maker for Christmas this year. (I found a deal at a resale shop) We are making ice cream to use for root beer floats for New Years Eve. She made sherbet on Christmas. Enjoy your rest. I am.. smile.

  2. I ice cream was wonderful. She made vanilla ice cream and peppermint ice cream. Much better then from the store.


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