Monday, December 26, 2011

A Post Christmas List

1.  On Christmas morning, I won $500 on a scratch off lottery ticket Hubby put in my stocking. 

We are officially now funded to take a spring vacation.  I would like to personally thank the New Jersey Lottery.
image via google

2.  This morning I braved the deal hungry crowds to purchase marked down Christmas decor at Target.  My munchkins voiced their displeasure concerning our lack of lit reindeer in the yard this Christmas. 
 Image courtesy of google

I settled on a four foot lit snowman sign that reads "Let it Snow". 

Next year we will still be lit reindeer-less.

3.  There are several piles of gifts and garbage scattered throughout our home.  This week I am determined to get the house in order before the clutter drives me nutty.

It's a short drive.
 This is not my house.  Image courtesy of google.  Aren't the floors lovely?

4.  I am sending Hubby to the store to purchase screws to hang shelves.  I'm fairly certain this is not what he envisioned when he imagined his day off.  I can't say for sure what is the lesser of two evils: me versus the office. 

It's still up for debate.

5.  With munchkins still in pajamas, crumbs and wrapping paper scattered across the floors, I shall sign off and make myself productive.

Hope yours was merry! 

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