Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Angel

I just found this picture of my Sports Fanatic while browsing my online photo gallery.
It's an oldie but a goodie.

I remember taking it, it was over five years ago.  We lived in Pennsylvania, and my days were much longer than they are now.

I had more time, because I had less munchkins.  They were involved in nothing but preschool.  If memory serves (it sometimes doesn't) I had the munchkins in bed by 7:30 and I watched a minimum of three shows every night.

And there was always a hefty ice cream on my lap.

These days my memory serves just about nothing and I am lucky if my eyeballs catch a little of my DVR before they are staring at the back of my eyelids.

Tis' the season.  And I love every exhausting minute of it.

Have a good one everyone!


  1. This picture is as precious as your blogs~! It is most fitting that you posted it~! The little things, that most of us take for granted, are the memories that we will cherish for many years to come~! Your "Snow Angel" models your enthusiasm for life and your everlasting energy~! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the happiest and healthiest holiday season possible~! You definitely deserve that and much, much more~! <3

  2. Oh my. That's cute. I think my life is going to be taking a turn in the crazier direction one of these days. I've got #2 due in March...



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