Friday, December 2, 2011

What I Know

For as long as I can remember, I have been a big fan of Christmas.  It's not the gifts, it's not even Christmas Day itself.  It's the entire season leading up the end of December.  There is a magic in the air that is absent the other eleven months of the year.

People are kinder.

They are more patient.

They are more generous and more willing to help a stranger.

The holidays are a social time.  December is filled with outings and parties.  There are cookie swaps and drinks after work.

Being around the people we love warms us.  It makes us better people.

There is a general sense of gratitude this time of year that fills the air.  Tips are better and local shops are supported.  That extra $1 for the salvation army outside the supermarket is as routine as getting dressed.

I love Christmas because the world remembers to be kind. 

This holiday season, enjoy the shopping, and marvel at the holiday decor.  Watch corny television specials and make cookies with your kids.

Reach out to those in need, and comfort loved ones who need the support.

Remember to slow down and smell the holiday roses.  The world is a pretty magical place when you do.

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