Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An (almost disastrous) Trip to the Mall

This morning I packed up the Moopa and drove twenty five minutes to the mall.  I had a few Christmas returns in the dining room that were driving me nutty.

I also had several post-holiday coupons burning a hole through my purse.

As I was pulling off the exit at 9:50am, a terrible realization washed over me.  My stroller, with it's snack tray and child-securing you-shall-sit-so-I-can-shop-in-peace straps, was in my garage.


I quickly remedied the initial stress with a trip through the Starbucks drive-thru.  My debacle called for venti.
This drink helps me to relax and think clearly.  It also makes me happy.

Next stop was the Target adjacent to the mall.  I plopped Moopa in a cart and made record time to the baby aisle.  I perused the stroller selection, looking for the least hideous design with the cheapest price.  I settled on a pink Cosco umbrella stroller.  It required just about no assembly.  It screamed "open and go".

I was meaning to buy a new stroller anyway...wasn't I?  Something lighter and smaller?  With swivel wheels and a small sun shade?
I walked my purchase over the Cafe area, disposed of all packaging, and popped the wheels on that bad boy.

Within 20 minutes of realizing my morning at the mall might play out like a Greek tragedy, the tragedy was averted.

I had a Starbucks in hand and new stroller with a happy Moopa.  She was extra smiley because she managed to swindle a new Cinderella phone out the deal.

As always, a happy Moopa equals more time at the mall.

Have a good one!


  1. OK. So I once backed over our double stroller on the way to the mall. I'm stubborn (and cheap) so I toughed it out with 3 kids and no stroller. When the lady at the check-out gave me the stink eye I told her I had backed over the stroller in the garage. She looked panicked! Then I realized she thought the kids had been IN IT!! Oops!

  2. I'm a fan of your blog and enjoy your writing! Just wanted to pass on this blog award to ya. No pressure to accept. Just think you deserve it! Check out the dets on my blog when you can. PS-love happy kids at the mall b/c I too would spend more time shopping! Yay!

  3. Too cute! See, ya gotta think on your toes when you are a mom!! I hope you had a blast at the mall...

    1. Staying on the toes is a requirement in Mommyland! :)

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