Monday, January 30, 2012

A Birthday

Today is my Hubby's birthday.  He is 38 years young.  I can say with certainty he is aging fabulously, with minimal wrinkles and no weight gain.

Men can be such bastards.

Kidding aside, he is an incredible dad.  He takes the chaos that is our life in stride, and he rolls with my insanity.  He's a fab golfer, and holds his own on the infamous men's softball team.  He also coaches, cleans and sorts laundry.

And watches awful television like "Finding Bigfoot" and "Tank Battles".

The Hubby loves a good time, and we find a happy medium (usually) that accommodates my non-drinking stay-home-and-watch-movies self with his balls to wall party persona. 

It's all about compromise.

Today I wish my athletic, party loving, easy going, television watching, laundry sorting, house tidying, partner-in-crime Hubby a very Happy 38th.

And I want to remind him he will always be older than me.  Always (wink).


  1. How bad is it that I know EXACTLY where two of those photos were taken? And my husband will ALWAYS be older than me, too! ;)

    PS I'm sending a question for you via e-mail soon. Just a heads up.

    1. I knew you would know where those photos were from! :)

  2. Happy birthday to your husband!

  3. Happy birthday to your other half!!!!


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