Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blah and Bleck

It's Saturday night and I'm about to hit the sack.  Work was s-l-o-w.  I'm assuming we haven't had enough winter weather to drive people nutty.  No "cabin fever" has set in up in the northeast....folks are tame and happy to be by their fireplaces.

I don't have a fireplace.  Maybe if I did I wouldn't mind the temperature being 12 degrees.

I aspire to one day have a fireplace.

And I do mind the temperature being 12 degrees.

Tomorrow is "Football Sunday".  This simply means it's Sunday and we watch football and gorge ourselves.

I love "Football Sunday" and I'm thinking of making a Stromboli.

Aside from my rambling and a post title that makes no sense, I would like everyone to know my camera has dozens of photos ready for upload.

I will then share colorful tales of my garage gym, Krispy Footballs and paint selection gone wrong.

Until then I say goodnight and God bless.  And get ready for some football.

To compliment my random post I shall select a random picture.  Winner is....

My munchkins in 2006.  Sniff sniff.  Time flies when you're a mama.

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