Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday List

1.  Today we have a school assembly, a snack sale, a gymnastics meet and a baby gymnastics class on our agenda.  It is also the first day back at school for my Sports Fanatic, who has been out of school since last Friday.

2.  Just thinking about everything listed above makes me confused.

3.  There is apparently some winter weather I was not aware of for the next few days.  Amazing what sneaks up on you when you only watch the Disney Channel.

4.  I still have to finish my snacks for the snack sale.  I made Krispy Football Treats because it is the playoffs.  And I love Tom Brady.

5.  My munchkins are in bed, 50% of them fast asleep.  The other 50% is waiting for my goodnight.  If I don't get my arse upstairs, my Sports Fanatic will lay awake until his eyeballs can't take another blink.

On that note, I better hit the road.  Signing off until tomorrow....

Happy Friday Everyone.  Make it a good one!

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