Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Munchkin Swap

There are several phenomenal things about having friends who also have children.  They don't mind mess, they don't mind kids, and they are just as crazy as I am. 

I particularly like to keep company with moms who roll with the chaos.  My best mom friends welcome playdates and clean the mess afterward.  Snacks are plentiful because the kids get hungry, and it keeps them quiet, er happy.

We worry about the fruit and vegetables at our next meal.

Today, a mom who also has four munchkins and myself are performing the most fabulous of all playdates: 

The Great Munchkin Swap

It's called I'll take two of yours, you take two of mine.  No munchkin cries in protest they "have no playdate!" and no munchkin is left behind.

It's a fabulous system.

God Bless all Mommies.  We certainly teach ourselves well.

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