Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello Pediatrician. It's Us Again.

We know our pediatricians well.  We also know the front desk lady well (yes, our insurance is still the same), the nurses and the sticker lady at the check out well.

When we walk up to the check out window I look though the glass and say, "It's just us again..."

Chuckles ensue.  Until I have to hand over my copay for the umpteenth time.

This week I decided to take my Sports Fanatic to the pediatrician Monday because his cough was fairly nasty.  And on my way out the door I grabbed LLG because he'd been clearing his throat for weeks.

LLG loves to carry strep throat and give it to everyone just for kicks.  When I hear him clearing his throat it's time for the wooden stick and dreaded cotton swab.

We left the pediatrician Monday afternoon with diagnosis of pneumonia (Sports Fanatic) and strep (LLG).  We then left the pharmacy down $140.
My week continued with 75% of my brood home on Tuesday.

By Wednesday only my Sports Fanatic was home from school.  And at 10am he ran to me complaining he was "burning".

He was covered in hives.
And so we went back the pediatrician.  And told them it was us again.

We left with the assumption the hives were a reaction to the antibiotics.  Our medicine regimen was switched from antibiotics to Benadryl.  They informed me he could break out in these hives for days as the medicine clears his system.


And in case you're wondering, he is home again today because his fingers swelled to the size of Jimmy Dean sausage links.  I assumed it would be difficult to hold a pencil under such conditions. 

I treated him to a book from Barnes and Noble for his troubles.  He is really missing his old "life" right about now.  He hasn't seen a friend since Monday.

With my Sports Fanatic on the couch and Moopa headed for a nap, I think I may chug the left over antibiotics for good measure. 

Have a fabulous Thursday.  This Mama is ready for the weekend.

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  1. We just finished two rounds of antibiotics (both of our girls) just in time for both boys to come home with head colds! I can SO relate to this! Take your vitamins! And run! (My theory is that running raises your body temp and helps fight off germs - like a fever without the aches!)


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