Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ice Cream Revolution

Lately I've decided to eat my ice cream out of a mug.  The scoops stack perfectly, and the sprinkles are easily layered between scoops.

When prepared by me, it also holds the perfect amount of ice cream.  Approximately 5 servings.
Sometimes it just feels good to shake things up a bit.  The soul needs some fresh air every now and again.  If we're not careful we get boring and predictable.  Our creative juices slowly fade away, and before we know it we're (gasp) ordinary.

This year I dare you to paint a room.  Or wear chunky earrings.  Burn the fancy candles or try something new off an old menu.

Or when all else fails, eat ice cream out of a mug.  It's less scary and extremely delicious.

Shake things up today!


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  1. I'm catching what you're throwing… I love when simple little nonsense changes, have a way of refreshing so much… yay for mugs filled with ice cream..


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