Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Starbucks Obsession

Every morning, by 8:30am, I look for a reason to leave the house.  All because I need a Starbucks.

Monday:  Legitimate trip to Target to buy paper towels, paper plates and check for new curtains.  I arrived to the pleasant surprise of new carts.  And the employees (er, "Team Members") moving merchandise and rearranging the store.

Clearance items were abundant.

My heart was racing with red sticker excitement.

I left with my items, minus the paper plates I forgot.  Oh, and of course my Frappucccino.

Tuesday:  Needed a jug of water and juice.  The grocery store would suffice, but why go there when I can go where a Starbucks is located?  Back to Target. 

I left with clearance winter boots, water and juice.  And a Frappuccino in hand.

Wednesday:  Winter boots need to be returned.  Turns out there is a pair in my basement the Gymnastics Queen used when she was three.  Hand-me-down boots cost nothing, clearance boots were $7.00.

I'm sitting here pondering if I should return the boots today, or fight this ridiculous need for a $4.00 frozen coffee.

Although I do still need those paper plates.

The trials and tribulations of me.

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  1. You need to go. Now. I'm the same way, only the lovely 'small town' we moved to, had a drive thru Starbucks. Two with a 3 mile radius on either side of me.


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