Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More Excuses

This past weekend, a large piece of equipment was delivered to my house.  I had been waiting for a few months for it to arrive.

It is rather special.  A hand-me-down I have utilized for years at my mom and dad's house.  A gem that I have bonded with and truly come to love.

On Saturday, my father and my brother loaded this giant, awkward item into the back of my dad's pick-up truck and they drove it to my house.  I thank them both greatly, because I am certain they had better things to do with their Saturday.

Before they arrived, they called and asked me to measure my doorways.  My stairways.  And every entrance-way in my home.  They gave me the forewarning that this thing was wide.  And chances were it was not getting in the house.

I laughed and measured a few doorways.  I knew we could somehow manage to get this thing in the basement.  Alongside the laundry.  On a cozy carpet.  Right where it belonged.

We didn't.

My dear sweet jiggle-saving treadmill is currently residing in my garage.  The same place I keep my cans of soda because they stay colder than they do in the fridge.

Until I can finagle a way to move this monstrosity inside where there is heat, I shall toss on a fleece and move this little baby outside.
I am also considering moving my treadmill to face the windows.  This way I can pretend I'm running out in the great wide open, and not next to the recycling. 

It's all in the approach. 

Who needs a gym membership when I can run in my garage for free?

Amazon has some great deals if you care to join my "at home" revolution. Check them out!


  1. What a very frugal approach! I gave up my gym membership a little while ago and workout in my own home. I enjoy it! I would love to add a treadmill to the mix! :)

    Thanks for dropping by today and for the sweet comment!

  2. Wooo hooo!!!! That's the drive I need. To exercise.

  3. I don't know about you but I have a very love hate relationship with my treadmill when I have to make the change from running outside to in… but we've found our love again and are happier for it!


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