Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Promise

Four and a half years ago, when we uprooted our munchkins from their home in Pennsylvania, we promised them a puppy.

We kept our promise.
Our pup was so irresistible my parents welcomed her brother into their home.  And for three weeks our munchkins were able to have two puppies instead of one.

I'm pretty sure the stress from the move and the training of the puppies made me crazy.  But no one seemed to notice.

Or I'm just crazy all the time.

Regardless, these pups helped ease the transition from one house to another.  From one school to another.  From one life to another.
And I admit I have never been a fan of dog poop, dog puke, or dog hair.  But I have learned to live with all three.
Because this puppy love was worth the trouble.  And four and half years later, we've settled into a semi-peaceful existence.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Cute! My husband wants a puppy. Instead, we compromised and got a cat. :)


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