Monday, January 23, 2012

Tale of a Garage Treadmill

If anyone isn't a regular reader of this blog (gasp), they may need a refresher on my treadmill debacle.

Long story short, it didn't fit down my basement stairs.  My carpeted, semi-cozy basement which was awaiting its arrival.

It now resides in my garage.

Longer story is here.  Read up if want a chuckle.

Anywho, last week I was determined to get back on the horse.  From March until November I make every effort possible to run a few miles at least five times a week.  I run during naps, before Hubby leaves for work or after he returns home.

Over the summer months I love my runs enough to run four miles most days.  Sometimes more.

My story changes once the weather turns.  Around the end of October I lose my steam.  Every year, I take a "running hiatus" from November until January.  I give myself permission to let myself do nothing in terms of exercise.  I accept the fact that I will be cursing my way back into shape.

When my treadmill was forced to live in my garage, alongside the garbage pails and paint cans, I was left no choice but to make some lemonade.

Hubby positioned our new hamster wheel to face the windows.  We added a small space heater, which truthfully does just about nothing.

Last week, I bundled up and hopped on that treadmill for my first run since October.  The garage was a balmy 45 degrees. 

I forced a 5K right out of me.  Once I hit two miles I knew another mile was somewhere deep inside.

And it was. 

To everyone out there who is "resoluting" to exercise, I say get on that horse.  Push through the winter blues in your winter hat and bright pink fleece.

And watch those minivans drive by as you plug away on that hamster wheel.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I find that getting into a workout routine is tricky, but one it is a habit it is easier for me to follow.

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