Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Waitress Diaries: A Thursday Recap

I just returned from another exhilarating evening at work.  I was pleasantly surprised to start my shift at 4pm and see a large buffet set up in the dining room.

I shall now break down (for anyone who has never been a waitress) WHY I was pleasantly surprised to see a large buffet set up:

1.  Thursdays are typically not a busy night at work.  This means we leave work with a little more than dink.

*"dink", in waitress speak, means "just about nothing"

2.  A large buffet means a large amount of people.  Which means gratuity is included.  And they are being charged for every person that is sneaking through the buffet line.

Oh yes, we count you.  We count you more than once. 

3.  Buffet means they are serving themselves, and we are just cleaning plates and serving drinks.

Hallelujah. It's like a working vacation.

With the buffet breakdown complete, I will now add that we had a nice "bump" after 7pm.  We had people flocking in hungry for French Dip and draft beer.

Must have been something in the frigid air.

With the buffet, the "bump" and the draft beer our evening wasn't too shabby.  I left work with some nice cash in my pocket.

It's actually burning a hole as we speak.  My Starbucks card needs reloading and my gymnastics tuition is due next week.

Easy come, easy go.

Have a fab Friday.

Mommyhood Footnote:  Spell check corrected seven words in this post.  Man these eyeballs need some rest.  Or some ice cream.  Or a little DVR.

I think they need all three.

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