Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I Wish for 2012

This morning on the radio there was much discussion about 2012.  And what was being discussed really had me thinking.

I almost hurt myself.

All jokes aside, I keep my life light.  I try not to make a deal out of something that shouldn't be a big deal.  Stress is a friend to no one.  And so I rarely touch upon topics that reach beyond my diaper changing, taxi driving expertise.

Today I feel the need to voice just a bit of what I wish for this year.  And it has nothing to do with treadmill runs or being more organized (although both are on the personal short list).

I hope this year we take back our holidays.  I wish for more employees to have off on Thanksgiving Day and for Black Friday to be ON FRIDAY.

I wish for family time for everyone, and for corporate greed to relax.  To chill.  Because you can't take it with you when you die.  Eventually, the pace has to slow down.  We can't run on fast track forever.

And I wouldn't want to.  Too many important moments are missed when we live too "fast".

I wish for small towns to be revived.  I wish for them to thrive.  I am personally tired of driving past vacant shops in my downtown.  If we don't start supporting small town America it will be gone before we can say "Walmart".

And I'm not saying Walmart is a bad place, or not to shop there.  I love "rollbacks" just as much as the next frugal shopper.

I'm just saying we can't do ALL our shopping there.  Strolling downtown is good for the soul, and for our neighbors. 

I wish for people to save more, and spend less.  Because there is great peace of mind when the bills aren't rolling in.

If the cash isn't in hand, wait until it is.  We need much less than we think we do.

I know this year, possibilities are endless.  And there are great things in store for everyone.

But these great things have to start with us.


  1. I really appreciate this post. Shopping local is oh-so-very important. Shopping at big box stores is mandatory, but not always (like you have said). Although I do not shop at Walmart as reasons discussed and others, I can't really afford to buy a hammer at the mom and POP shop, I would have to shop around and but it at another box store since it is cheaper. This is why being in the middle lower class isn't fair.

  2. Love this! I feel exactly the same way!


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