Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where D'hem M&M's?

For Christmas, I received a bag of Coconut M&M's in my stocking.  It's just my kind of stocking stuffer.

I placed them in the cabinet to the right of my fridge.  This is where I stash all the simple sugars I don't plan on sharing.

Don't tell the munchkins.

Anyhow, because I had a surplus of sweets hidden in my cabinet post Christmas, I forgot I had the M&M's.  Well, I forgot until I found them on Monday.

And so I opened the bag and ate a few.

And then a few more.

This may have happened a few times Monday, I can't be certain of how many exactly.

On Tuesday, after lunch I grabbed another handful.  They were so satisfying I helped myself to some more.

This morning, I decided a quick handful before errands would do no harm.  And so I took some.  And then I discovered the reality of what had transpired in forty eight short hours.

I ate the whole bag.
Time to plug in the treadmill.

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