Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Disney Vacation Album

Our Disney World vacation is slowly coming to a close.  We had an incredible week, which makes saying good-bye mucho stinko.

During the next few days, Disney magic will fade into the distance and reality will smack us right in the face.  Home will bring brisk temperatures and fifteen tons of junk mail that will require careful sifting. 

Sifting through the mail just may be my least favorite post-vacation job.

The upside of returning to the northeast is that Spring is one week closer.  By the time I finish sifting through the junk mail the birds may be singing.

 Magic Kingdom
Ah, the parades.  Nothing beats hundreds of people waving to Mickey from Main Street U.S.A.
 LLG rides Splash Mountain for the first time.  He then rides Space Mountain for the first time.  I wipe a tear as another munchkin graduates from the "waiting with Mom"  club.

My mothership.  And my giant sunglasses.

We walk the countries only to sit and eat in America.  The munchkins need to expand their horizons.

Me and the munchkins.  And Moopa's famous "cheeeeessseeee!"

Animal Kingdom
An underwater Hippo. We thought she was pretty snazzy.

LLG takes his first vacation picture while we wait for "big kids" to ride Expedition Everest with Dad.

Hollywood Studios
My most favorite cupcake in the world resides in Hollywood Studios.  I buy it every year and secretly eat it for breakfast while Hubby takes munchkins on Star Tours.

 The Pool
Moopa conquers her fear of the water.  And discovers goggles.

Rockin' the swimmies.

Dad. Son. Refillable Disney mugs.  Mug on right? Fountain soda.  Mug on left?  Mich Ultra.

Downtown Disney
We love Downtown Disney.  The munchkins shop their little hearts out. 

Tomorrow we begin our trek home....reality awaits.

See you Monday!


  1. Love the fun pictures...makes me miss Disney!! Safe travels home!

  2. Love the pictures!!!! We might be going to the 'land' very soon!!!

    What is that cupcake called??

    1. Ooohhh...the cupcake is in the Star Cafe, in Hollywood Studios, which is on the corner on the way down to Tower of Terror. It is AMAZING! Called the "marble Cupcake".


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