Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girl's Birthday Party Idea: Jewelry Boxes

I'm always looking for different and easy birthday party ideas.  With four munchkins we can also toss affordable into that mix.

Just about two years ago, for my daughter's 7th birthday, I decided to have the girls paint jewelry boxes.  I was perusing Michael's Craft Store when I came across small wooden trinket boxes for around $1.00-$2.00 a box.

I couldn't resist.  I was suddenly seven years old again and these jewelry boxes were exactly my cup of birthday party tea.

While at Michael's, I purchased pastel paints, "jewels" to glue on the boxes, brushes and paint markers.  I also reserved the party room.

No clean up?  I couldn't resist.

A quick stop to Wally Word (aka Walmart) for plastic (or foam) cups, plastic jewelry (sold in sets in party aisle), fake tattoos (more on that later) and I was fully stocked for party greatness.

If you are hosting this extravaganza at your house, don't forget several cheap tablecloths.

Before the party, I personalized the boxes with each girl's name.  I painted the top center section, let it dry, and used the paint markers to personalize.

Once they were dry I covered the personalization with masking tape, so each girl could freely paint and glue around it.  I also carefully covered hinges and the front lock.  I rationalized that even if a girl slopped paint all over it (there's always one) once the tape was removed the box would still look snazzy.

It's all about preparation.

The day of the party, the girls decorated the jewelry boxes first.  The table was covered a paper tablecloth, and between each girl was a bowl with jewels, glue, paints and cheap brushes.  Using disposable items makes for very easy clean up.

The girls finished at their own pace, so to keep them busy we had a "tattoo table" with glitter tattoos. You can also set up a bracelet stringing table with string and beads.  This is wonderful for them to make jewelry for their new box.

Once all the girls were finished we had pizza, cake, and opened presents. 

Before leaving, each girl received a goodie bag with candy and play jewelry for their new jewelry boxes.

And then Michael's cleaned the mess.  Hallelujah.

I love this party idea because it's affordable and the girls leave with an item they created.  Goodie bags can include edible necklaces and ring pops, and decorations are simple and easy.  And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to reserve the party room at a craft store.  Michael's charged $50, and this includes clean up and a "host".

I will forewarn here that having a "host" means having extra hands.  Don't expect to sit back and enjoy the show.

Happy planning.  If you are just reading because you read my blog, you're awesome.  And to you I say Happy Tuesday.


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  2. What a great idea!!!!! You need a book deal, lady!!! :)

  3. Even though Joey is only 20 months, this post has be oober excited about the possibilities of having a girls!! Yay!


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