Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl Craft: "Go Team" Tees!

A quick pre-game post for all my lovely readers.  I felt it necessary to move on from my previous post about poop.

I can only open my blog so many times and relive that horror.

For the munchkins, the Superbowl isn't the same as it is for all us "big kid" fans.  The little ones have to wait around all day for a game to start, and they don't really know what the fuss is about.

They know the food is plentiful, and they will be allowed to run amuck for a few hours, but most munchkins aren't placing bets and talking football.

Or are they?

Tomorrow, to give the munchkins a little "Superbowl Spirit", grab some old tee shirts.  Run to Walmart, Michaels or any craft store in the morning to buy some puff paints.  Or felt markers.  Or glitter.  Or iron-ons.

Spend $5 and grab anything to decorate a shirt.

And then tell your kiddos to pick a team, decorate as such, and get crazy.  I promise you they will Superbowl ready in no time!

Eat plentifully and have fun tomorrow!
(Last Year's Masterpieces)
(Gooooooo Patriots!)

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