Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(An Unsuccessful) Kitchen Update

With the start of the new year came my desire to "freshen" up the house.  Unfortunately limited funds only allow for limited updates, there could be no design overhaul at casa Mommyhood.

I walked from room to room, dissecting what worked and what didn't work.  Every room had definite possibilities, and I battled with myself over what I wanted to work on the most. 

After treating our oldest to new paint in his bedroom, I decided the kitchen was our room.  We could update the paint on the wood doors, make an accent wall and change the counters.  A new sink would be divine.  I had so many ideas in my brain it short circuited from information overdrive (and how I was going to find the money to make these updates).

Ignoring the money concerns, I went to Home Depot (or as Hubby calls it, "Home Cheapo") and brought home dozens of paint swatches.  I held them up to the couches in the room off the kitchen, up to the walls, the doors, the pictures, hubby's face and the dog.

I try to get a real feel for the paint.

I carefully selected what needed to be deep, golden "mustard yellow" to bring out one of the colors in my couches.  And to keep the change simple and understated.

The result was not "golden".  It certainly wasn't  "mustard."  We were lookin' at yellow.
The doors remained this shade of yellow for a few days.  I went back to Home Cheapo and brought home more swatches.  Hubby agreed we needed to go a completely different route, because choosing yellow shades can backfire.

As it did for us.

We went back to the swatches and chose cranberry.  Once again, I held up my selected swatch to the couch.  And the walls.  And the current walls.  And then I loaded Moopa into the car and bought more paint.

Last night while I was at work Hubby was kind enough to paint the doors.  It's safe to say, as with the yellow and the "mustard", this ain't no "cranberry".
These doors are r-e-d.  And Every time I look at my kitchen I can't decide if the final coat will make them just right, or if I hate them so much nothing will alleviate the pain.

It's a fine line sometimes.

And so today I am thinking I'll head to Lowe's. And if you hear a faraway scream from somewhere in the overpriced northeast, it's because Hubby came home to another can of paint.

Happy "Hump" Day (giggle)!


  1. Great site for inspiration and ideas is

    1. LOVE Houzz. I should check there today before I spend on more paint!

  2. Check the post office for its moving guide, usually a 10% coupon enclosed. Good luck!! I don't and won't do.painting projects because I would fail either by non-completion or by failing.

  3. I despise painting lol. Good luck to you!

  4. What is that color on the door? The light yellow? I think that's what I want! LOL. Good luck to us and our painting endeavors. Btw, I had a red kitchen and loved it! You probably need a couple more coats on the door. We had to use a dark pink primer and I think 3 coats of paint to cover the kitchen walls. But we loved it.


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