Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walt Disney World: A Magical Place

I have long said that Disney is magical.  There is a "magic" in the air I have never felt anywhere else.  People are happy, customer service is unparalleled, and good things just happen when we are here.

It's tough to explain.  It might be the whimsical music that plays in every park, or that every employee smiles and waves when they pass.  It could be that Disney grounds are cleaner than my yard, or that every phone call to Disney is ended with "Have a magical day!"

They brainwash you with magical-ness.  It's everywhere.  And it makes people happy.  Which makes people pleasant.  Which makes for a great vacation.

There have been a few instances during our many vacations that have solidified our appreciation for Disney magic.  One was many years ago when we were vacationing with some of our best friends.  It was their first trip to Disney.  The first day, after riding Space Mountain, our friend Jeff left his wallet behind. We didn't know this until we stopped to eat lunch across from the Peter Pan ride hours later.

Immediately we were frantic. How would he board the plane home?  What about his money?  Cards?  Park passes?  We rushed to Guest Services, completely panicked. 

But his wallet was returned by the next rider on Space Mountain.  Every dollar still in place.

Yesterday, after a refreshing swim in the pool, Hubby couldn't find his sneakers.  We checked under every lawnchair.  Hubby was annoyed; he thought someone stole his shoes.  I tried not to laugh at the thought of someone eyeing up his Sauconys.  Who would steal sneakers from the pool? 
I was convinced they were taken by mistake.

Either way his shoes were missing.  Hubby asked an employee where they would be if someone happened to return them.  This employee asked our room number.  Hubby couldn't remember.  He gave nothing other than a description of the shoes and his name.

He then moaned all the way to our room, and wore his flip flops out to dinner. 

After dinner, we returned to the room.  Hubby's 10.5 Saucony kicks were right inside the door.

Hubby looked at me.  "All I did was give this guy my name!  I never even told him what room we were in!" 

Magic I tell you.  Magic.

Have a "Magical Day!"


  1. Nice!!!! It's also so magical because you believe others outside of the Disney magic might be just as courteous.

    Glad you are having a great time!!!!

  2. On our most recent trip, I bought a "body parts" teapot (to match my cookie jar, of course). We got it home and it has a HUGE chip in it (my fault, I shoulda checked). I called their service and provided the necessary info. My husband asked how it was being replaced. My answer: "Disney magic, of course!"

    Also? My daughters think they're famous. EVERYONE waved at them and they got more stickers than they could possibly use in a lifetime. Little One covered her entire upper body with them!!


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