Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome Back to Home-Ville

We pulled into our drive last night around 8pm.  We left our hotel in South Carolina at 8am, which translates to we spent 12 hours in the car.  And seven hours in the car the day before.  And 19 hours in the car the week before.

If I never sit in the front seat of my car again it will be too soon.

Aside from one wrong turn in Washington D.C., which left us in an undesirable neighborhood for four long miles in bumper to bumper downtown traffic, the ride was easy.

And long.

One day I would love to wander off course and visit one of the hundred of towns we passed along the way.  Towns like "Coosawhatchie".
But with four munchkins we only stop when they cry to use the bathroom at least twice or the car is low on fuel.   

Munchkins can hold pee longer than they claim.

Today, back at home, I can't say I'm lovin' the 32 degrees outside my window.  Maybe one day we will muster up the nerve to move south.

To a town like "Coosawhatchie".

Until then, it's flannels and wigwam socks.  And space heaters.  And happy dreams of Florida sunshine.

Happy Sunday.  Make it awesome!


  1. Coming home from a great vacation always has such mixed emotions for me. Often I face work the next day...blah! Or I feel happy to be able to snuggle up in my own bed or relax on the couch with happy memories. Laundry always calls and suitcases don't always get unpacked very quickly...but that's all part of the fun!

  2. Sometimes, munchkins CAN'T hold it as long as one would think. Our 5-year-old peed her pants during the Electrical Parade because she didn't want to miss it (I would have done the same thing).

    And? It was 32 degrees TWO mornings when we woke up at Disney this past trip. Boo! :(

    1. We had a few chilly mornings...but really lucked out with weather. I guess I can't blame your little one for not wanting to miss the electrical parade!

  3. I read this post....and was quick to locate the comment section. I was surprised to find that I was not alone in my dispute of an all too common, stated myth; PLEASE let me be clear that not ALL munchkins can hold their pee longer than they "plea." I am a survivor of this terrible urban legend, and as a child was forced to secretly pack empty peanut butter jars in my 24 hour car ride to Disney with my family (for fear that my father would not stop the car when I told him I could not hold it any more!).


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