Monday, March 26, 2012


Over the weekend, I learned a few things.  Life has a way of setting us in our ways, and carving a hard edge around our kind interior.  We walk around in these protective suits we've created, un-trusting and afraid to give too much of ourselves.

After all, people take advantage.  People don't follow through.  There are perverts out there.

Before I continue I'll add a small disclaimer.  I am usually happy.  I enjoy people and life is too short to walk around with a scowl on my face.  I'm definitely not a "scowl-er."

Despite my positive demeanor, I'm not immune to assuming the worst.  I get caught up in the "who is doing what and why" just as much as anyone.  I have my days when I assume a coworker won't split a tip, or that the coach favors another child.  If a customer is tough to read, I assume they aren't friendly and brace myself before approaching the table.

But then the tip is split, the coach isn't favoring anyone and the customer is simply delightful after I beat them down with  friendliness.

This weekend I've learned to never assume.  Over and over again, it was like a message from God himself, reminding me to trust that people are good.

Every so often, I play the lottery.  You can't win if you don't play.  I usually forget to check my tickets, and I walk around assuming I won.  I imagine what I'd do with the money, and I figure out what I'd take home after taxes.  I add up the bills that would disappear, and the amount of money I can share while still keeping my family comfortable until the end of time.

I never win a dime, but it's pretty cool to dream about the money before reality sets in.  Imagine buying lottery tickets, and assuming you're going to lose?  What is the fun in that?

Life is much the same.  Better to walk around delighted, and hopeful rather than assuming the worst is around the bend.  Even in small doses, those assumptions are exhausting, and toxic to the soul. 

It's a new week, make it great. 


  1. Love it Jodie! I also waitress and have learned to never assume a customer is going to be unfriendly or a pain to wait on just by the way they look! A lot of those "scary looking" customers have become my favorite to wait on (and some of my best tippers)!!! Enjoy your week!! :)

  2. I play the lottery sometimes, too. I like to daydream (PS thanks for the reminder! Mega Millions is like $300 million +). I have a list of what I would do with it and every once in awhile my husband and I compare lists. THAT is fun to do!

    You really never can tell a book by its cover (especially now that I do most of my reading on a Kindle!).

    1. Love the Kindle comment - great analogy!

  3. Love this post! Assuming things is something that is easy to get caught up in. Thanks for the reminder!


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