Monday, March 5, 2012

The AT&T American Cup

On Saturday, I took my Gymnastics Queen to the AT&T American Cup in New York City.  One of the moms from her gymnastics team suggested we take the girls to an elite gymnastics competition.

Currently, it doesn't get more elite than Jordyn Wieber. 
The meet began with the men's events, which didn't hold the attention of the little girls on our team for long.  They were a squirmy group.  Sharing popcorn and passing binoculars.

They were anxiously awaiting the great Jordyn Wieber.  And when she finally took the floor, the girls settled in and cheered her name.  Er, screamed her name.  I felt like I was at a Justin Bieber concert.

But it wasn't "Bieber".  They were cheering for "Wieber".  And the music was better (sorry Justin).
During commercial breaks the girls stood up and danced in the hopes the cameras would show them on the Jumbotron.  I laughed remembering what it was like to be eight.

 ... "If we dance the best they will show us on the big television!"...

In between squeezing sideways every few minutes so a little one could go to the bathroom, I watched these men and women in amazement.  I checked the program after each event, marveling at how young these athletes are and how much they have accomplished.  Gymnastics requires great strength and discipline.  I see the work my daughter does each night she practices and my abs ache just watching.

In the end, Jordyn Wieber won the women's All Around Title.  Danell Leyva won the men's All Around Title.  And after these gymnasts received their medals, myself and my friend Maria took our girls to enjoy a little of New York City.

Thank you Maria, for guiding us.  And driving us.  And bringing us to buy some of the tastiest, tiniest cupcakes we have ever eaten.

Have a great week everyone!

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