Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Anyone?

While on Pinterest, I found some extremely fun and savvy Easter ideas.  In case you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, it is an online pinboard for all things wonderful.  Lovely people everywhere find and pin anything that tickles their fancy. 

Pinterest is a fabulous place to find recipes, craft ideas, house decor and inspiration for just about anything.  It's simply delightful.

Keep "pinning" people. 

Easter via Pinterest

Easter Eggs, by Martha Stewart Living
Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt (how cool is that?!) by Mommysavers.com
Easter Egg Tree Craft (supplies are just about $1 each!) by Sweet Floweret
Easy (and healthier!) King Cake by Healthy Cooking Blog
Easter Candy Bark (so easy!) by Gingerbread Bagels
 Push Pop Peeps (adorable!) by Love From the Oven
 That's all folks, for now anyway.  Barnes and Noble is calling.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'll admit it. I'm a Pinterest virgin. Do I have to get invited? Do you just sign up? Do you use the app on your phone, because our computer is slow as mol-asses?

    I LOVE that tree!!

    1. Oh - yes! Request an invite! You will LOVE it! I guess you could use the app, I use my computer. Let me know when you are on so I can follow you!

  2. I use the app & i love it. I use the computer too. Pinterest is AMAZING!


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