Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Basket Ideas

When I was a kid, my Easter baskets were cellophaned to the sky and stuffed with goodies galore.  I have pictures of me as a toddler, holding my basket in my little nightgown, and the basket was taller than I was.

Along with the gifts, my basket always had those hollow sugar eggs with the ornate "scene" inside.  Do you remember those?  They had exquisite sugar decorations on the outside and an intriguing little diorama inside.  They were the most coveted Easter treat in our house.  They amazed us; only the bunny could make something so magical.

My parents always did holidays big.  Birthdays too.  With six kids the daily grind was often hectic, and there was little time (and money) for eating out or special "just because" gifts.  But we knew on Easter, the bunny was bringin' the goods.  And the night before, we went to bed with butterflies in our tummies excited for Easter morn.

These memories are some of my most cherished, hunting for eggs in my pajamas and searching the house for my basket.  

One year my brother's was in the oven.

With money tight these days, and the economy still struggling, huge holidays are a challenge.  I am a big fan of after Christmas sales to stock up on toys for Easter and birthdays.  I also watch for clearance year round, and scour the $1 spot at Target for smaller goodies.  

Below I am sharing my favorite basket stuffers, large and small.

40 Easter Basket Stuffers

1.  Chocolate bunny (every basket needs a chocolate bunny.  Melt these down after Easter and dip strawberries for an after dinner dessert)
2. Stuffed animals
3.  Bubbles
4.  Chalk
5.  Coloring books
6.  Small figures
7.  Books
8.  Lip gloss/chapstick
9.  Flip flops
10.  bathing suit
11.  beach towels
12.  Tee shirt (think favorite baseball team, or something glittery for the girls)
13.  Hair accessories
14.  Water guns
15.  Plush football/baseball
16.  Water bottles for sports
17.  itunes gift card
18.  Magazines (American Girl, NFL Magazine, Highlights)
19.  Pajamas
20.  Markers
21.  Small dry erase board
22.  Wiffleball and bat
23.  Small Lego set
24.  Puzzle
25.  Seeds for a garden
26.  Gardening gloves for kids
27.  Sand toys
28.  Movie ticket vouchers/giftcard
29   Play make up/think dress up masks for boys
30.  Nail polish/decals
31.  Puppets
32.  baseball/football cards
33.  Bracelets/play jewelry
34.  Sticker books/stickers
35.  Slippers
36.  Jump rope
37.  Craft sets
38.  Sunglasses
39.  Wind up toys
40.  LOTS of candy.  They are only kids once!

Happy Basket Stuffing!

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