Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Entrepreneurs: Tomato Cups for Sale

LLG LOVES tomatoes.  Especially the cherry kind.  He eats them like the Gymnastics Queen eats fruit snacks.

Luckily for LLG, tomato plants have proven to survive under my care as I struggle to cultivate a green thumb.  Cucumbers have been kind as well.  This Spring, I am once again starting our garden with a few bags of seeds, soil, water and the sun from my windowsill.

My munchkins love to water our plants and wait for them to sprout and grow.  Once the plants are strong enough, we plant our garden and every few days we pick our fresh vegetables.

Every summer we have an abundance of fresh tomatoes, as well as a few other vegetables.  The past few summers I have helped my munchkins put together tomato cups (we also have done cucumber bags) to sell to friends and family.  We don't charge much, usually just $0.25/cup.

Our customers are usually so pleased they pay $1.00.  Isn't family grand?

The munchkins love making money, and I love that they are learning about money.  They are also learning about responsibility, supply and demand, and keeping a garden.

This little post is a win-win-win-win-win.  The next time you have more tomatoes than your kitchen requires, pack them up pretty and visit grandpa and grandma.
Here is my supply list:

Plastic drinking cups (clear, any size)
Plastic Wrap
Overabundance of tomatoes from your garden

For our cups, I typed up:

"Tomatoes (price)"
With Love,
From LLG's Garden

1. Thoroughly wash and dry tomatoes
2. Design labels by hand or on computer and cut into strips
3. Tape strips securely around cup.
4. Fill cup with tomatoes
5. Cover tomatoes and cup with plastic wrap
6. Secure plastic wrap with rubber band.

Viola, 5 simple mommybrained-proof steps.
This is a semi-repost.  With the sun shining, I felt a friendly "plan your garden" was appropriate.


  1. We just started our planting in house also this weekend. Am looking forward to lots of fresh vegis this summer! What a great idea to put together cups of vegis to sell!

    1. Oh yes, we charge for those cups of produce...not much...but every $1 adds up! xo


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