Thursday, March 22, 2012


The other night at work, while the other servers were enjoying their "shift drinks" (drink on the house for servers when shift is over) I realized I've never had a glass of wine.

Never.  Ever.  Nope.  None.

This doesn't bother me in the least.

I love to read, but I rarely find the time.  When I do read, everything else goes to poop because I LOVE to read.  I fall behind on my blog, on television shows and I don't wash my floors.

I just finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  Have you noticed my "archived" posts this week?  Imagine the state of my floors.

I eat ice cream before bed just about every night.  I must have at least two flavors in the bowl, and preferably at least one topping.  I like my ice cream in a mug for no reason what-so-ever.

I love to run.  Outside.  I didn't always love running.  When I was in middle school I probably would have rather stuck needles in my eyes.  There came a time when I realized running wasn't about being fast, but about finding a pace that worked for me. 

Motherhood, in a way, is much the same.

I'm awfully allergic to cats.  And rabbits.  Guinea pigs too.  When I was in third grade I was sent home from school every day for a week after recess.  I would return from recess sick with a runny nose, wheezing and swollen eyeballs.

Unbeknownst to me one of my best friends had a new rabbit hair coat.

On that random note, I am turning in.  With a bowl of ice cream.  And a new book.

The floors will have to wait until next week.

Happy Friday!


  1. Funny weird. I had to respond because we seem to have some corky things in common.

    *I just picked up The Lucky One from the library yesterday. And, once I begin a book nothing else matters...lets NOT compare floors.
    *Running..definitely not fast, but I found my groove.
    *I have some weird allergies too. The latest...honeybees.
    *I prefer my ice cream in a mug.(portion control)


    *I'm guilty of sipping a glass of wine. Of course, soley for the health benefits.

    1. Wow- that is funny. Another blogger with the same quirks. Love it. BTW - loved The Lucky One!

  2. A lot of folks are recommending Nicholas Sparks lately. You?

    Ice cream used to be my biggest weakness. Now? I'm lactose intolerant. Pray you never incur this affliction. Or stock up on Lactaid. {SIGH}

    I hated running. I was always, always, ALWAYS last to finish the mile (including the do-over). Now I'm not fast...but I'm getting faster. And I can at least run 3 or 4 miles WITHOUT STOPPING!

    Let's talk wine. If you want to try it, go with a nice red French table wine - like a Beaujoulais - and eat some dark chocolate with it. Antioxidants, you know. ;) We never drank wine until my husband went to France on business...and came home with $100 worth of French wine. {SIGH} Now no weekend is complete until we snuglee up and share a bottle, er, glass.

    1. Great recommendation on the wine - love that you are breaking me in slow - with chocolate as a side! :) I know - I was always the last in the dreaded "mile run" in gym! Now - i'm just glad I can run that 4 miles and feel good!
      Yes - love nick sparks. Not always the way he ends his books, but they are usually a great read!

  3. Happy Friday!!!!!

    You are making me crave some ice cream right now and it is only 9:30 on the morning! ;) we def share our love for ice cream.


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