Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A "Big Girl" Sleepover

Last night we had our first official "big girl" sleepover.  My Gymnastics Queen, at 8 years old,  has had very few sleepovers.  Until yesterday I think she had two.  

Both sleepovers were very low key, and extremely supervised.

Yesterday, two of her best friends from school came over off the bus.  They had sleepover bags in tow.  The girls wasted no time, whipping out Popsicles after their snack and running wild in the backyard.  Bless their hearts, they even let Moopa feel like part of the gang.
The next twelve hours involved much giggling, sharing clothes and playing outside.  Oh, and they brushed hair.

They brushed and styled hair for a very. long. time. 

Aside from the two hours it took for me to get them to fall asleep, the sleepover was painless.  There was no catty behavior, no tears and no trouble.

I can't remember one group sleepover from my childhood that left everyone unscathed.  These girls were a drama-free pleasure.

In a few months I may be up to hosting another "big girl" sleepover.  I need time to restock the pantry, and with four munchkins we need to keep to a rotation or mama will lose her marbles.

Happy Trails!

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