Monday, March 12, 2012

A Small Spectator

Saturday, our household had to divide and conquer.  Our schedule had a gymnastics meet, a basketball game and a father's game afterward.  Hubby took our Sports Fanatic to his basketball game.  I don't think I would have fared well playing in the father's game.

I took our Gymnastics Queen to her meet, which was only forty minutes away.  Thank heavens.

Earlier in the week, LLG (our daughter's resident B.F.F.), expressed interest in joining me at the gymnastics meet.  I explained to him that gymnastics meets take a few hours.  Sometimes they take several hours.  I have been to a few that have taken all day.

He insisted he wanted to come along and watch, and our Gymnastics Queen really wanted him there.  I agreed to bring him along, and was happy to have the company.  My daughter was happy he could finally see her compete.  LLG was happy to bring his DSi. 

It was a win-win-win.

Our first event was floor, and sometime in the middle of the routines LLG's DSi ran out of battery power.  He took this well.  He watched his sister and made observations I normally overlook, such as a small fly buzzing around the ceiling. 

After the floor rotation LLG looked up at me and asked if the meet was over.  I had to break the news.  He had to sit through three more events.  His eyes widened with surprise.  But he didn't complain. 

He asked for many snacks, but he didn't complain.

And so he sat, playing games on my phone and consuming snacks.  He sat with me through each event and several awards.  He sat for a total of five hours.

When LLG was able to see his sister after the meet, he was mighty proud.  I can't say for sure if it was for her or that he sat so long, but he was proud nonetheless.
And so was I.  I couldn't have been more proud of my gymnast or my little spectator.  My daughter had a personal best on vault and a phenomenal 9.2 bar routine.  My spectator thought up some pretty impressive words playing "Word Mole" on my phone.

Bodies and brains at work. 

These kids make my heart sing.

Happy Monday!

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