Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning? Maybe Next Year...

Today in the mail I received a lovely flyer from Stop and Shop.  They sent me coupons (thanks) and inside the flyer was plenty of information on Spring cleaning. 

It made me cringe.
Before I go any further, let me be clear when I say my house is clean.  Clutter is kept to a minimum and the floors are vacuumed regularly.  Bathrooms are wiped down daily.  I dust on occasion.  Laundry is washed and toys are picked up off the floor.  I never leave dishes in the sink and I am constantly fixing couch cushions.

But in good conscience, I can not tell you that I wash my curtains.  Or vacuum vents.  I've never flipped my mattress or replaced kitchen shelf paper.  I rarely roll up carpet to wash the floor underneath and I am not in the habit of moving furniture to clean behind it.

There is no extreme to my clean.

Last year, around this time, my mother came over and immediately grabbed the Windex to wipe down the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  I believe the word she used as she frantically wiped was "horrified."

When I saw the rag I agreed with her.  It was horrifying indeed.

The surface of my house is lovely.  Just don't look up at the fans, behind the couch or under the refrigerator.  Spring has certainly sprung, but my desire to clean any more than I already do is still hibernating happily.

Stop & Shop was kind enough to send me coupons and some great tips on "bringing Spring inside."  Maybe they can also provide me with a cleaning lady.

Here's to hoping.

Have a fabulous Tuesday.  Soak up some vitamin D!

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