Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the Air

These past few days, the weather has been mighty mild for March.  Today the sun is shining and the temperature is somewhere above 60 degrees.

I am jacket free when I leave the house and my feet are in flip flops.  My toes can hardly contain themselves.  Today the glider is open and the breeze is cleansing my house of winter air.

Yesterday the kids were outside.  They examined bugs.
And played basketball.
While they entertained themselves and soaked up vitamin D, I took down the remaining Christmas lights.  Embarrassing.  I assure you I haven't lit them since New Year's Eve, and they blended into the shrubbery. 

Poor excuses.  I never thought I'd be that house.
When the shrubs were free of outdated Christmas decor, I switched my front porch flag from snowman to Spring.
 Hello tattered, loved, torn Mary Engelbreit flag.  How I've missed you.
In the words of Mary, "No matter where you go, there you are."

Make the best of it.

Happy almost weekend.  Enjoy the sun if it's shining!



  1. Love that the weather is getting warmer and we can do more outside things! You reminded me I need to take down my little snowman flag outside and replace it with something more spring-y! Glad you got down the christmas lights!! ;-)

  2. Hehehehehe, we got our lights down just a week age, and some of the ornaments are still lurking inside our house :) so, no worries, you're not alone!


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