Thursday, March 15, 2012


1.  Tomorrow I am posting a very delish recipe for Soda Bread.  Buy your buttermilk and sour cream and prepare your waistline.

2.  I work this evening.  If anyone is in the immediate area come on over for some french dip.

3.  I just finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  I love to read.  If I refrained from rereading the smut chapters three times each I would have finished much sooner.  Ah, to be in love in a fiction novel. 
4.  I swear I am dumber from watching Word World every morning.  Moopa benefits greatly.  Me, not so much.

5.  My Gymnastics Queen  was asked lead stretches last night at practice.  She came home squealing with delight.  I remember leading stretches at Field Hockey practice in high school.  It was strangely awesome.

6.  Word World wants to know how many fruits and veggies I am going to eat today.  How about none.  Unless I count the raisins in the Soda Bread I made last night.  Maybe I'll throw in a nectarine for good measure.

7.  I still haven't made my bed and I'm wearing pink flannel pajama pants.

8.  There is no greater PBS show than Sesame Street.  I say this solely because of Elmo's World.

9.  Is it strange to end a list on #9?  I would but it doesn't feel right.

10. The letter of the day is "T".  In case you were wondering.

Have a great Thursday!  And it starts with the letter "T"!  Oh the little things...


  1. I love to read. I also love Sesame Street. And right now Strawberry Shortcake (both the show and the food, although I gave up sweets for Lent). Irish Soda bread is NOT a sweet (at least in my book), so WOOT! Bring on the recipe!

  2. Those shows and everything on the Sprout channel is good in my book. I do though have a soft spot in my heart for Olivia. Probably the 7 year old ballerina in me.


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