Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gettin' Too Comfortable

Comfort is wonderful.  It's a good thing.  Comfort reminds me of my pajama pants, my ice cream and my bed.  All at once.  It's the exact word that makes me shy away from dressy occasions and wear sneakers to theme parks.

I like to be comfortable.  We all do.  But after awhile, "comfortable" can cause trouble.  When we're comfortable, we let things slide.

I see it all the time.  I do it all the time.  I'm so comfortable with Hubby that I have to remind myself to even tell him things.  I usually assume he can read my mind.  It's like Field of Dreams, but with "If I think it, he will know..."

But he doesn't know.  Just about every other day I'm looking at him, mid-sentence, with a "Remember? I told you this..."

He looks back puzzled and assures me I never told him a thing.  I usually stand there, trying to remember if I thought it or I told him.  Sometimes I did tell him, and he wasn't listening.  I swear that is most often the case. 

Does that happen to anyone else?

Either way, we are both so comfortable with each other there are days we forget to communicate basic news.  About once every two weeks I call  Hubby and ramble about everything that has transpired that I haven't told him.  He loves these thirty minute chatter-fests.  I jumble the news and jump around from topic to topic until he's up to speed and then he cuts me off with an "Ok, I need to take this call..."

Comfort causes people to get lazy.  I've seen many kids (mine included) assume they will win a position or a game because they always have, because they know they are good.  I've seen many teams do it too.  They get too comfortable.  They still work hard but they don't push as hard, and they lose that edge.

As wonderful as comfort is, it catches up with us.  Houses turn into pigsties and our sense of style gets stuck in the last decade.  We let things go, and then all of a sudden we are desperately in need of a wax and our basements are filled to the hills with clutter.

Oh, and our jeans are so old they are back in style.  This has happened to me.  A few times.

This week I'm reminding all of us it's necessary to shake things up a bit.  It's refreshing and good for the soul.  As great as it is to fit in those old jeans from high school, it's even greater to buy a new freakin' pair.

They look better too.  

Have a fabulous week!  Spring is here and the possibilities are endless.

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  1. I needed this reminder...so much right now! Thank you!


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