Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Sister, BIG Hairstyle

Today I am taking a break from all the Easter hoopla.  A breather is needed every now and then.  Today I shall post about my girls.

The Gymnastics Queen is quite the big sister.  Since Moopa entered the world 33 short months ago, she has shared her room lovingly.

Complaints are minimal, and usually revolve around some sort of destruction of small toys.  Think Polly Pockets and Pocket Pets.  Calico Critters and Loving Family.  The Gymnastics Queen sets up tiny elaborate towns and Moopa swoops through like a baby Godzilla, leaving nothing but ruin.

These disappointments can be tough to handle.  Town assembly is a long, arduousness process.

Aside from property battles every now and again, there is much harmony in the room down the hall.  The Gymnastics Queen gets Moopa from the crib every morning.  She prepares her little sister for bed at night, complete with tooth brushing and a diaper.

It's heavenly.

As of late, the Gymnastics Queen also specializes in hair styling.

This style is not ideal for naptime, and it gets a tad muffed up after a ride in the car, but isn't it lovely?  Clips popped out every few hours, leaving a small type of trail, but Moopa was quite pleased with her look.

It is quirky, like Moopa.  And rather impressive.
Fourteen visible pieces of "hair flair" (ever see Office Space?).  Now that is some serious hairstyling work ethic.

Have a fabulous Thursday!  Tomorrow, back to the Easter posting!


  1. I loved when Lexi used to do her hair....all the gadgets she could fit on that tiny little head amazed me.

  2. So cute!!!!!!! "Impressive!!!!!" ;)

  3. Hi I saw this feed over on my Christianity Every Day Community at I love, love, love how you posted the pick with the numbers on it -- so clever! Oh how I miss when my girls were little like that. They are all grown and having their own babies now. I get to be the Grammy. Thanks for sharing a little about your adorable cutie pie! Blessings


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