Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Martha Stewart's Patio Table

Last summer, I saved my hard earned waitressing cash and made my first real "this is my money" purchase.  I replaced the patio furniture on our deck.  This furniture was over ten years old, had been moved to three different houses, and had only one surviving chair. 

It was safe to say we weren't inviting anyone over for a barbeque.

Just under a year ago, I proudly walked into Home Cheapo with my wad of cash and picked a new Martha Stewart patio set.  The set had six chairs, a definite upgrade from our old set with only four.   And it was Martha Stewart.  I'm not sure if that's any better than JC Penny but I'll run with it.  Along with the name and six chairs it had a hexagon shaped glass table.  I selected a new green umbrella, replacing our old tan one with tears in the seams.  I bought everything but a new umbrella stand.

It was glorious.  We enjoyed many sunny afternoons on our deck last summer.

On Monday, after a trip to Target and a stop to pick up friends, we arrived back home.  The wind, which is my least favorite weather condition, was out in full force.  My hair was whipping around as I walked my precious Target bags from the car. 

Just as I entered the house, the Gymnastics Queen opened the glider to enjoy some bubbles on a windy afternoon.  Then she gasped. 

A gasp is always synonymous with something bad. 

I spent the next thirty minutes sweeping up large chunks of glass, and picking the small chunks out from between the deck slats.

Then I called Hubby and told him to cancel every barbeque on our deck this summer.  

I guess I should have invested in that new umbrella stand.

Lesson learned.


  1. Oh no!!! Did you cry?? I would of! Stupid wind!

  2. I literally just gasped! I'll shake my fist at the wind… nothing a little super glue can't fix… right?

  3. We live in a very windy area too, and bought a glass top patio table last summer. So far, so good. But I don't expect it to last. Sorry yours bit the dust....or turned into dust, that is :-(
    Maybe this will make you smile though....
    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. For more info, check out my blog here:

    Have a great night :-)

  4. Yep, I can relate. Only it was not our table that went...found our trampoline in the woods behind the house sort of on its side, stuck in the trees. I thought what in the world! Fortunately we were able to carry it back(man that thing is heavy) to the yard and bend and turn its leg. Dislike the wind sooo much!

    1. LOL - a trampoline in the woods is pretty funny. Wind stinks!

  5. Sorry about your table. You can still have bbq's, just tell BYOTable! LOL


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