Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday With the Dog

It's Sunday night, and I really need to get in bed.  LLG is sick with a high fever, and I'm fairly certain he will be waking me minutes after I fall into a restful slumber.  It's like an unwritten law.

While I take myself upstairs and prepare for my sleep to be interrupted, I shall share pictures of the family dog.  She is a wonderful constant in our lives who very rarely makes the blog headlines under positive circumstances.

Here is Georgia, very possibly disgruntled, because she is now forced to remain in the backyard instead of roaming the neighborhood.  A few weeks ago, I successfully staked the fence where she loved to escape from every morning.

Although I can't really tell if she's disgruntled, because she always looks like this. 

While she may not be thrilled with her new "stay in the yard" arrangement, I'm tickled pink.  Hubby is as well because he was the one I would call to bitch about the dog escaping.

Love to start my Mondays on a positive note.

And with that, I am going to bed to sleep with one eye open.

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