Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sick Day(s)

This week we have had several sick days.  I'm ready to call it sick week and move on.  We started with LLG Saturday evening, waking us with a high fever and aches.  He worsened Sunday.  His eyes looked like he swam 18 hours in a public pool.  He looked nothing short of awful.

He tested positive for Flu B Monday at the pediatrician. 

The doctor looked at me before they swabbed his nose.  "Did they have their flu shots this year?"

Um, next question?

What can I say other than time got away from me, again.  Story of my mommybrain.

Tuesday around lunch, as LLG rested on the couch, Moopa was warm.  Real warm.  She looked like Flu B.  I sent her to her crib with a tummy full of Juice and a side of Tylenol. 

That evening the Gymnastics Queen complained of a headache. I sent her to bed, assuring her it was allergies.

All I could think was, Please, please be allergies.

Wednesday morning I gave the Gymnastics Queen allergy medicine (a mom can dream) before the bus pulled up.  I also shipped LLG back to school.  The school shipped the Gymnastics Queen back to me by noon.  

At the same time I was bringing Moopa's fever down from 103.0.

Last night, I took a bath in Purel and went to work.  I received a text from Hubby that Moopa was in bed by 6:30 and the Gymnastics Queen shortly after.

This morning, Moopa is like new and her sister is still resting comfortably. 

Maybe tomorrow I can actually go to the store in peace again.  Maybe.  And until then, it's cereal for dinner.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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  1. Oh man! I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is 110% better today and you and your husband are in the clear.


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