Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Socks and Underwear

The thing about socks and underwear is that I never remember to buy them.  I never notice when they are needed.  It's easy to spot pants that are too small (floods) or shirts that look ratty.  But underwear?  And socks?  Who ever notices that?

I remember several years ago when I was shopping with my friend, and she was picking up a pack of size 4/5 undies for her son.  He was three, and ready for some bigger undergarments.

My son was almost six, and it dawned on me at that moment that he was still wearing size 2/3 undies. 

I have the same trouble with socks.  I match the same pairs over and over and over again, until I see "18-24 months" on the bottoms.  And I remember my daughter is 8.

Last night, LLG sat at the table and asked me to look at something.  As I walked towards him, he kicked out his foot and said, "Mom!  These socks are TRASH!"

Yup.  Those socks would be trash alright.  I told him he's lucky his pants fit.  And then I laughed and threw out his socks.

Happy Wednesday!  Time for me to buy some socks and underwear...


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