Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow, I am signing out my middle two munchkins from school a tad early.  We are heading to south Jersey, for a gymnastics meet.  The trip is several hours, and with an 8am start time Saturday our only option that included sleep was to leave Friday afternoon.

And our only option to avoid traffic was to to leave before 3pm.  My apologies to our central school system.

My mom is accompanying me and we are planning on squeezing in a dinner.  After dinner I will most likely insist on squeezing in a stop for ice cream.

A weekend away is never complete without trying the local ice cream.
Hubby is holding down the fort, with the oldest and the youngest.  I think we have evenly distributed trouble, making our arrangement very fair.  The oldest doesn't cause much trouble, unless of course he has his immediate younger siblings around to tease. 

Moopa, she causes trouble.

The middle two munchkins are double trouble, but they are also old enough to understand my stink eye.

Moopa doesn't give a poop about stink eyes.

Wish my Gymnastics Queen luck, there are two meets left in the season.  And this mama is ready for a little hiatus.

Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck, gymnastics queen! Enjoy the day with the two middles, Mommy!

  2. Good luck and have a great time!!!!!


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