Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hairbrush Debacle (and my Etsy Goodnyou? Giveaway Winner!)

This morning at 8:28am my Gymnastics Queen had a total and complete breakdown because apparently we have no hairbrushes.  Up until this disaster we had a lovely morning consisting of Eggo's, good conversation and outfit assembly.  My harmonious morning was interrupted by her yelling from the bottom of the stairs, with tear filled eyes, "MOM! I can't find a hairbrush!"

Since we have about 100 hairbrushes (and I was busy packing lunches) I did nothing but scream "We have 100 hairbrushes!  How on Earth you can't find one is beyond me!"

I was loud. 

My patience level for such disasters is just about nonexistent.  Is it just me or do girls have a real hard time keeping things in perspective?  I mean, you're crying, and aren't we talking about a hairbrush?

The bus rolled up as she found a hairbrush.

As a result of this hairbrush situation her lunch was not yet packed.  The boys happily trotted to the bus (and away from the hairbrush drama) and I told her I'd drop her lunch at school.

Tears. Another disaster.  "Ugh! Why do you wait SO LONG to pack my lunch?"

"Why couldn't you find a hairbrush?!"


I then told her I loved her and pushed her out the door to catch her bus.  Her lunch is finished; ready to be dropped at school. 

And I need a friggin' Starbucks to put out these flames.

The end.

Etsy Winner!  For any lovely ladies who entered my giveaway, here is the winner!
Drum roll....
Katelyn!  You have a $20 credit to Sam's Goodnyou? Etsy Shop!  Starting with 1st comment I numbered everyone's entries, and we had 13 total. The first 5 were Deanna, next 2 were the Mommy, next 5 were Katelyn, next was American Honey, and last was Danielle.  


Email me at for your instructions...and Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our New Beagle Puppy

A few weeks ago, while visiting our friends in Pennsylvania, I saw this picture.
The backstory goes like this:

My friend Krista's boss has three beagles.  One of them got pregnant, and the pregnancy was unexpected (gasp!).  Their beagle had two puppies in late January, and they couldn't keep them both.

I quickly commented that I wanted one if he was giving those babies away.  How could I resist those faces?

Last week, before we left to visit these lovely friends in Pennsylvania for Memorial Day weekend, Krista called me.  She wanted to know if I still wanted one of those puppies.

Oh man.  I had to think about it.  Do I need more chaos in my life? No.  Do I need more dog food and vet bills?  Most definitely not.

But this house surpassed logic and sanity long ago.  I also have animal crazed munchkins who are very good about helping and caring for our current dog, Georgia.

I told her to save me that pup.  And she did.
We brought "Penny" (from Pennsylvania) home yesterday.  The kids have been over the moon ecstatic with our new family member, and Penny has been a dream.  She is calm, friendly and fairly lazy as far as puppies go.  I attribute this to being raised among many other animals and a few children before she became ours this past weekend.  She is also four months old, which helps with potty habits and sleeping through the night.

Our current dog, Georgia, gave Penny a quick "I own this place" stare down and has been uninterested ever since.

Georgia is the queen of lazy.  And indifferent.

We now have two dogs laying around and four very happy munchkins.  I just took a trip with Moopa to Petsmart for Penny's first name tag and some dog treats. 

Before heading home we cruised to Target and brought a gallon of Febreze.  Gotta love animals. 

Happy Trails!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend Thus Far

If you haven't yet entered my Goodnyou? Etsy Giveaway, click here and get to it!

Just about every Memorial Day, we pack up the kids and drive out to central Pennsylvania for some old school Memorial Day fun.  We are blessed enough to have friends we love like family.  Friends who allow us to pack into their house for the weekend, make a mess, and drive them crazy for three long days.

This weekend we pushed the envelope and made the stay four long days.  Considering we have four kids and they have two kids, it's amazing they love us enough to tolerate us in their home for even a few hours.

But they do more than tolerate us, they join us in our many shenanigans.

On Friday, the boys went golfing.  "Boys" translates to our husbands.  This weekend, they took our eleven year old boys with them.  It was a long awaited first, since our husbands met while learning to be golf professionals in college.

In case you are wondering neither of our husbands are currently golf professionals.  Although they do golf.  Well.

When the boys returned, the mommy's took off, wallets in hand.  We had our usual dinner of Auntie Annie's pretzels at the mall, and rocked out the Memorial Day sales.  After one rather annoying comment via cell phone about us having no "brain cells" by one of the men, we ended up stopping for dinner on the way home. At 9:30pm.

No need to go home to those arses.

Saturday we took out the boat.  It's always a hoot when you have friends who own a boat.  And by did we have a hoot.  To say the least.

By the way I lost a few years off my life watching what was captured in above photos.

Today, still exhausted from extreme water sports, we are still lounging in pajamas.  The kids have torn apart what's left of the house and we're contemplating mini golf.

Tomorrow we head back to the homestead.  And back to reality.  Hoping everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, and remembering why we have one in the first place.

Remember those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Etsy Shop Giveaway: Goodnyou?

As I posted earlier this week, part of being a "mommy blogger" is supporting other mommy bloggers.  Every blogger needs a network, that's how we roll.

Samantha, over at Goodnyou? is one of my favorite bloggy people.  I have no idea how I came across her blog, and I'm sure she would say the same for my blog.  But we somehow found eachother in blog-o-sphere.  She recently asked me to check out her Etsy shop, and she even sent me some pretty fab items to try.

I find it rather impressive she has an Esty shop, since I have never mixed my own body scrub.  Or made lip balm.  Twenty two years ago I had one marking period of Home Economics before it was deemed not worthy of tax dollars. Who decided that I'll never know.  Thanks to them I can barely hem pants.

With summer rolling in, I urge you to check out Sam's Etsy shop.  She has a killer Citrus Salt Scrub for tired flip flop feet.  And after beach days.  It smells like lemonade and leaves your skin soft and smooth.
Yes I need a manicure.  Ignore my thumb nail and focus on the scrub. 

She makes Beanie Balms and in shower sugar exfoliating moisturizers.  All of them made my heart, and skin, sing.

I love to support ladies who work at home.  Ladies who get up and raise babies while trying to forge their own path.  I urge you to remember ladies like Sam when you need a snazzy gift.  Or you want to try something different.

Different is fun, and special...just like all of Sam's homemade goodies in her Etsy Shop.

For Memorial Day weekend, I'm hosting a fun, fab Goodnyou? giveaway.  Hurray!

Check out Sam's Etsy Shop and comment below with up to five entries to win a $20 credit to Sam's shop.  

YOU CAN LEAVE EITHER 5 COMMENTS (one for each entry) or leave one comment with every entry.  If you already follow or like either of these blogs just tell us in comment, you will get credit for the entry!

1.  Tell us (in comment) your favorite product in Sam's shop.
2.  Like Goodnyou on Facebook.
3.  Like It's All Good in Mommyhood on Facebook.
4.  Follow my blog.
5.  Follow Sam's blog.

Winner will chosen by random generator and announced next Thursday, May 31st.  GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fathers Day Gift Idea: Easy Canvas Prints

I've seen advertisements for canvas prints before, and I always thought it was a snazzy idea.  Recently, the lovely humans who work over at Easy Canvas Prints were kind enough to make me a print for my wall.  To make a long, which picture should I use story short, I am now the proud owner of an Easy Canvas Print.
I used my standard favorite, our family picture from my youngest brother's wedding.  We are all clean, dressed, looking in the same direction and smiling.  These pictures are a once-every-few-years occurrence.

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and if you need a gift these are different from the standard framed picture.  Scan old family photos to make into canvas prints, or use current pictures of your kids.  Already set with a gift for Father's Day?  Put your Father's Day photos on canvas, and give your dad or Hubby a great canvas print for his next birthday. 

I'm now signing off, with beds to make and dishes to scrub.  A very big thank you to Easy Canvas Prints for my new wall art.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Miniature Black and White Cupcakes

On Friday, I made black and white cupcakes for the school bake sale.  They are just different enough to be exciting, but just not different enough to still be easy.

Did that make any sense?

Regardless, they are delicious.  They are chocolate, vanilla and complete sugary goodness.  And because I'm a firm believer in boxed cake mix, the only tricky part of this deal is frosting these bad boys.  Oh, and for the miniature, bite sized version, you'll need a mini muffin pan and some mini liners.

And then you will be ready to get crazy.

1 box white cake mix, prepared
1 container milk chocolate frosting
1 container vanilla frosting
small cupcake liners

Makes about 45 miniature cupcakes

Preheat oven to 350.  Line mini muffin pan with liners and fill each cup 1/2 full with batter.  This is just about one tablespoon.

Bake about 10-15 minutes.  Do not overbake.  Remove from pan and place on wire rack to cool.

Once cooled, open chocolate frosting.  Using a butter knife, take about 1 tablespoon and starting at outer edge of cupcake, frost towards center.  At center, pull down and make a crisp line.  Finish with remaining cupcakes.

Repeat with vanilla frosting.

Stand back, admire, and enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To all the Mommy Bloggers

One of the wonderful aspects of being a "mommy blogger" is finding a circle of other mommy bloggers.  You find women you only know through what they share on their blogs, and you find yourself following along in their story.  You support each other, "tweet" back and forth and like Facebook pages.  You laugh at the insanity that is being a woman.  The insanity that is being a mom.  The insanity of  being whoever it is you are.

And without these other bloggers, many of us would never know about blog design.  Or making our own fonts.  We would know nothing about reviewing products or how to grow our blogs.  Without other bloggers to post tutorials and lead the way, many of us would have quit at day two.  We would have thrown in the towel, making even more laundry for ourselves.  The frustration would have been too much.

But we forge ahead, regardless of crappy stats and blog blunders.  Regardless of comments that may or may not sing to our souls.  We keep going because we have a circle of women just like us, all over the world, and they keep going.

They keep sharing.

They keep moving forward.

I want to thank all the "Mommy Bloggers" out there, who also sit in their mismatched pajamas typing away while crumbs lay on their floors and dishes sit unwashed in their sinks.  Who find something to write even when there is nothing left.

Thanks for sharing your stories.  Your tricks.  Thanks for whatever piece of yourself you opened up to the world, because it's not easy putting it all out there.

March on ladies.  March on.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Summer Camp Debacle

For the past several weeks I've been trying to figure out our summer.  I haven't gotten very far.  Every time I pull out the calendar to make sense of camps, work, vacation and how to get everyone where they need to go my brain just about shuts down from information overdrive.

I can't make sense of it all.

My older daughter will basically be spending her summer at gymnastics camps.  And practices.  These camps and practices overlap with Vacation Bible School (love VBS!), sports camps for the boys, vacations and just about everything else. 

It took me an hour to find five days we could sneak off for a beach vacation. 

It took me another week to figure out who could go to what camp at what time.  And to make sure friends would be attending the same weeks as my munchkins.  I have yet to figure out how everyone is getting where they need to go.

The mom mobile will be putting in overtime this summer.

The upside is that out of our approximately 10 weeks of summer vacation, only four of them are booked with camps.  And I'll be happy for the "mom time" once all the munchkins are where they need to be.

The remaining weeks I'll be on my deck, with a cold drink and my kids running in the yard.

And for that, I can't wait. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

*an archive, but so good it was worth a repost*

I found a barbecue chicken recipe on Pinterest months ago, and quickly pinned it to my "recipes" board.  It reminded me of summer, and cook outs, and eating sandwich food.

I then tweaked it, made it and we devoured it.

The End.

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches
  • 6 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
  • 1 (12 ounce) bottle barbecue sauce (I highly recommend Sweet Baby Ray's)
  • 1/2 cup light Italian dressing
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar (light brown works as well)
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
Place chicken in slow cooker on high.  Mix remaining ingredients in small bowl and pour over chicken.  Cook 3 hours, and remove chicken.  Shred using fork, place back in slow cooker, turn to low, and cook another hour.

Serve on plump club rolls.

Recipe adapted from

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Throw a Sleepover Birthday Party for Girls

The almighty slumber party.  We've all had them, and we've all been to them.  Several tween-age girls gather at one brave family's house for a sleepover filled with laughs, noise, music and food.  I remember my parents cringing every year around my birthday, dreading the "screaming girls" in the basement.

We were loud.  VERY loud.

This year, I made it clear there would be no large birthday extravaganzas for my two oldest munchkins.  They both had parties last year, and my daughter's included fifteen girls from gymnastics and school.  This birthday would have to be celebrated on a smaller scale.  A much smaller scale, with less people to entertain.

Hence the sleepover party.

Here, in detail, is my personal survival guide when it comes to throwing a sleepover birthday party.  Depending on how brave you are (and your patience level), you may or may not want to add to my agenda.
Don't Get Crazy with the Invites

While it's tempting to invite every friend from class and the playground, keeping the amount of girls to a minimum will only benefit everyone in the long run.  Keep the group to no more than six, because when you get past half a dozen tween girls parties get rowdy.  And the chance someone will end up crying increases with every child you invite.  Stick to a small group of girls who all know each other and get along well.


Think balloons, tablecloths and banners.  Set the mood and have a "Birthday Girl" sash or tiara for the birthday girl.

Start the Party Around Dinnertime

For me, starting a sleepover after school is just about as pleasing as sticking needles in my eyes.  If you start the party around 6pm, you can have pizza ready as the girls arrive.  Serve fun drinks such as shirley temples or milkshakes.  The key to a great birthday is serving up special treats and keeping the mood light.  By the time everyone has eaten you will be ready for an activity.

Plan an Activity

While it may seem easier to just have girls over and let them run wild, the commotion will get old after about ten minutes.  Have a fun age-appropriate activity ready for after dinner.  Think tie dye teeshirts, painting a jewelry box, or making friendship bracelets.  One of the upsides to hosting a few girls is the activity can be more involved, and can dry overnight.  Play music and join in the fun.  Stay involved to keep the girls entertained and the party running smoothly.

After the craft, let the girls get crazy while you clean up.  You will rein them back in easy with dessert.  

Make Dessert an Event

After the activity is finished, have the girls make ice cream sundaes. Make sure you have groovy toppings, such as candies, sprinkles, cherries and flavored syrup.  Give them a choice of two ice creams, scoop into sundae dishes and let them have at it.  Not up for sundaes?  Bake cupcakes beforehand and leave the frosting off.  Give each girl two cupcakes and have them decorate their own for dessert.  Don't forget to sing to the birthday girl!

Rent a Movie

After dessert, set the girls up with a movie.  Before the party let the birthday girl pick a rental, and have an area by the television with space for pillows and blankets.  Once everyone is in their jammies, settle them in for movie night.  Make it clear that after the movie is over, lights are going out.  The girls can chat as long as they like, but they have to stay in bed and keep the noise to a minimum.  Eventually, they will all fall asleep and you won't be climbing out of bed half asleep at 3am asking them to settle down.

Serve an Easy Breakfast

For breakfast, make your life easy and serve cinnamon rolls.  Or grab pastries.  Make pancakes or french toast.  After the girls have a full tummy, they will all be ready to get dressed, and you can clean up the sleepover area.  While the girls dress make sure to sort out who owns what pillow and which stuffed animal.

Pick Up Time

The quickest way to burn yourself and your daughter out is to have her friends stay well into the day.  The girls will be tired, and will start to get on each other's nerves.  Make sure you state on the invitation a morning pick up time that works for you.

A Rough Survival Timeline:

6:00-7:00 : Arrival, Dinner
7:30-8:00 : Craft
8:00 : Dessert/Ice Cream Sundaes
8:45 :  Jammies/Get Movie Snacks
9:00 : MOVIE!
11:00 : Lights Out (Chat away!)
8:00-9:00 : Breakfast
9:30 : Get girls dressed, sort out crafts, clothes and blankets etc
10:00-10:30 : Pick Up

After you've thrown a successful sleepover, get your kids in bed early that evening.  Settle in with wine.  Dessert.  A movie or anything else your heart desires.  You'll need it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A 9th Birthday Story

Nine years ago, I was in the hospital having my Gymnastics Queen.  I was accompanied by my sister in law, who is also my best friend from high school.

She dated my brother all through high school.  We ran in the same crowd.  We used to dream about her marrying my brother, the kids we would have and how awesome everything would be.

Just about everything came true.  Except in our dreams I'm pretty sure we were insanely wealthy and we lived on the same street.

You can't win 'em all.

When I went into labor with my daughter nine years ago, I called my bestie to join me in the hospital.  My labor was unusually easy, and we all chatted happily until about ten minutes before I had to push.  No drugs, no meds, no anything.  It was such an irresponsible way to portray labor to my sister in law, who was puking from the pain at three centimeters with her first a year later.

Sorry doll.  Although I'm sure she took pleasure in seeing the Gymnastics Queen pay me back all the way through her terrible 2's.  Good babies are not known for making good toddlers. 

Anyhow, the miraculous part of this story is that as we all sat in the hospital, it was my sister in law's birthday.  Out of 365 days of the year, my first baby girl was born a month early, on the same day as one of the dearest friend's I've ever had.  Just like it was meant to be.

And we're all family.

Today two of my favorite girls celebrate their birthday.  And I'm still counting my blessings, amazed at how God works.

Happy 9th Birthday to my baby girl, and Happy Birthday to my dear sister in law Mimi.  You are two very special ladies!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Mother's Day Weekend.  This Sunday, do what you really want to...leave the mess.  Don't make dinner.  No dressing kids.  Washing dishes or laundry.  Watch what you want to - no Disney channel.

Give yourself one day to ......

Thanks to my sister for this totally awesome card.  It almost looks like me on the front!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bloggers Dance

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Bloggers Dance.  It made my heart sing.

The Bloggers Dance is for all the bloggers out there.  Get up and dance.  Behold my first bloggers dance video.  Created and edited by me.  Filmed by me.

All dancing is also done by me.

 In case you are wondering, I don't embarrass easily.

Have a dance worthy Thursday.

The New Patio

A few weeks ago I expressed my desire for a new patio.  After the demise of my outdoor table, I was in need of a new outdoor situation.  A place I could be happy.  With a fire pit and Adirondack chairs.  A place to make smores and play music and live happily all summer long.

One morning, after my early run, I remembered that Hubby told me to check the backyard the day before.  I never did.  I quickly peeked in the backyard and I saw the beginnings of my new patio.

What a love.

Considering we have never made a patio, this could be an interesting project.  We've asked around, and have a general idea of how to proceed.  And the rest we'll stumble through, like everything else in life.

As long as I can drop my fire pit in the middle I'll be happy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Five Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  I'm sure at least half my readers just went, "What? It is?..." and they checked their calendars.

I told you so.

Mother's Day creeps up on me every year.  It is sandwiched in between a very busy Spring and Summer birthday season in our family.  While I'm wracking my mommybrains thinking of birthday parties, cakes and presents I have one of those Oh my gosh! Mother's Day! moments.  Luckily my mother is never looking for anything extravagant, she is not big on "Hallmark Holidays."

Regardless, she is a phenomenal mother, and we celebrate her no matter how many times she begs us to leave her alone.

Sorry Mom.

A few of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas:

1.  Instead of bringing a plant, plant her a garden.  My mother did this for her mother every year.  This idea is especially wonderful for elderly mothers who would have a tough time planting a garden for Spring.  My mother planted dozens of flowers for her mother every Mother's Day.  She came with everything that was needed, and a box of delicious pastries to enjoy afterward.

My grandmother cherished that garden.  She was very proud and told everyone about it whenever they inquired about her beautiful flowers.

2.  Consider buying a birth stone necklace.  Add stones for every child.

3.  Every mother loves a gift card for something they actually use.  The trick is to make is a card just for them.  Get a gift card to their favorite restaurant, nail salon, hair salon or store.  Add lottery tickets, expensive candies or chocolates.

4.  Does your mother drink tea?  Coffee?  Consider buying gourmet sets that she would never splurge on herself.  Is she a wine drinker?  Buy her a snazzy wine glass (ever seen Lolita glasses?  if not see below) and match it with a nice bottle of wine.

5.  Take her out to eat.  Or to the movies.  Mother's Day is best spent with our mothers, and spending your money on an experience will give her a memory she can keep forever. 

Need more ideas?  Try a photo collage, a new book, paint pottery at a local shop or buy a kit from a craft store.

Links to some great Mother's Day ideas:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pancake French Toast

Over the weekend we had a lot going on.  You may have read about it on my blog, or maybe you also had a lot going on and you weren't reading anything.

Either way, I get it.

On days when we are running like maniacs I'm just about spent by the time dinner rolls around.  Poor Hubby always looks at me with hopeful eyes, wanting to go out and get dinner.  But the thought of dragging my four munchkins out to dinner exhausts me even more.  We discuss take out, and it becomes this big production, because we can never decide what to get.  The whole thing usually ends in me realizing for just about no money I can just make something to eat.

I'm pretty nifty when it comes to making diner style food.  And that's what I always whip up after a long day.  Saturday, it was my newest concoction, pancake battered french toast.
The difference between french toast soaked in pancake batter is slight, but divine.  This french toast was thick, and had more of a sweet pancake taste than a cinnamon-y taste.  My munchkins ate every last piece, and even Hubby dug in.

When everyone eats without complaint I call it a home run.  When you have overnight guests, try making this and adding a side of sliced strawberries.

Easy.  A tad different.  And a real palate pleaser.

Pancake French Toast
4 large eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
12 slices bread (thick, hearty bread works best)

Heat griddle.  Beat eggs well in large bowl, add remaining ingredients.  Drop 1-2 slices of bread in at a time, and let them soak for a minute.  Turn carefully and make sure they are saturated with batter.

I like to melt butter on the griddle to "fry" my french toast a bit, but they will cook delicious either way.

Cook over medium heat 2-3 minutes, flip and repeat.  Always check centers to make sure they are cooked through.

Serve dusted with powdered sugar, butter and syrup.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Weekend Thus Far

It was a long day.  Last night I worked until midnight, serving up sauteed chicken and sizzlin' steaks to 31 people at a rehearsal dinner.  They were lovely.  Is there nothing better than regular people, with no desire to impress, just out to have a good time?  People who treat other people (including their servers) well and don't make a fuss?

I loved this rehearsal dinner.  Every time we asked how they wanted something done, such as cutting and serving the cake, their answer was, "Whatever is easiest for you..."

To say the least, they were a fabulous crew.  I was actually invited to the wedding by night's end, but I had to regretfully decline since my alarm was set for 4:30am this morning.

We had a big State Championship meet for the Gymnastics Queen out on Long Island.  She vaulted her little heart out, and came away with a silver medal.  Not too shabby for States.

Did I mention she missed gold by 0.025 points?  Every little toe counts in gymnastics. 

My mother, a saint in every sense of the word, arrived at 5am to watch our other three offspring.  She constantly amazes me, and decided to wash every last piece of laundry today.  Everything.  She even matched all my socks. 

Is there any greater gift than that of sock matching for someone else? 

It doesn't stop there.  My basement, which has been comfortably in limbo between big kid hangout, little kid heaven and laundry pigsty was organized.  It was more than organized.  It looked like extreme home makeover stopped in for a quick face lift.  She moved furniture, discarded furniture, cleaned and did I mention did all the laundry?

I was overjoyed.  To say the least.  Do you know how many days I washed clothes, looking around at that space in disgust?  Telling myself I really needed to clean it one day?

Done.  And all I had to do was make my mom babysit for 8 hours.

After my mentally draining yet thrilling, two days I wasn't up for much this afternoon.  I settled in for a nap and pretty much forced Hubby to entertain the kids so I could snooze in peace.

I have spent the rest of Cinco de Mayo in my pink flannel pants eating trans fats. 

What a sweet ending to a fabulously exhausting day.  Happy weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Habits of Slim People

According to Dr. Oz, slim people have a few similar habits.  He categorizes slim people as people at their ideal weight, with above average health.  I watched his video, and while I believe genetics plays a big role in our bodies and weight, Dr. Oz always makes some excellent points.

Here is his video clip : 7 Habits of Slim People

Not a video clip fan?  Can't stand that 30 second advertisement before EVERY online video?  I've got your back.

To summarize:

1.  Exercise in the morning. 

Dr. Oz says that slim people exercise in the morning.  I'm all for the "get it over with and start your day" mentality, but Dr. Oz claims there is more.  When you exercise before breakfast, you improve your glucose tolerance and increase your body's ability to burn fat.

Pretty nifty.

2.  East smaller meals.

Eat smaller meals, several times a day, rather than three big ones.  This habit keeps your metabolism kickin'.

3.  Eat slower and savor your food.

Slow down.  Enjoy your food.  When you eat slower, you overeat less because you can read your body's signals to stop eating.  Less scarfing down cookies and more enjoying a few cookies.

Makes sense.

4.  Don't skip breakfast.

Fuel your engine after your morning workout.  Get your metabolism going for the day with a healthy, hearty breakfast.

Does a Frappuccino count?

5.  Monitor your health

Keep track of your workouts, weigh yourself.  Stay aware of your health and mark progress.  You will catch the weight gain before your buttons don't button and your zipper is ripping back open.

Always a good thing.

6.  Get a fitness hobby

Other than the gym, slim people enjoy tennis.  Running.  Volleyball.  They clean the house vigorously a few times.  Slim people are active.

Pretty sure I didn't need Dr. Oz for that one.

7.  Drink water.

Dr. Oz says slim people drink water.  They have this one trait in common.

I will never, ever be a water drinker.  I drink it, I enjoy it when I exercise and before bed.  But I will struggle with this til the end of time.

On that note, with the weekend ahead, make it a great one!   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Word

Last night at work, our restaurant manager asked us an interesting question.  If we had to wear a tee shirt with one word on the front, just one word that would describe us, what would we choose?

Talk about a thought provoking question.  My first thought was "awesome."  Sure, I'm awesome, right?
How about "entertaining"?  Or "loving"?  Maybe my word should just be "complicated." 

Can anyone say indecisive?

Then I thought maybe I would choose "Mama."  After all, so much of my life is being a mommy.  I can't even remember who I was before I became a mommy. 

We are all so many things to so many people.  And then there is who we are to ourselves. To find one word that is all encompassing is near impossible.  On that note, I think I'll go with this:
Looks good to me.

So tell me, what would your word(s) be?  Why?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Five Tricks to "Sneak" in Fruit and Vegetables

Over the years I have fought many food battles.  By now, my number may be well into the hundreds.  I have made deals, offered bribes and when desperate marched right into the war zone over eating that broccoli.  After four munchkins I'm pretty worn out in the food department.

My stance now is more relaxed.  As long as my munchkins eat well most of the time, I am all for ice cream after dinner and a dessert in their lunch.

In our house, the majority of snacks need to come from the refrigerator, because yogurt, cheese, and most fruits and vegetables require refrigeration.  Fresh food isn't chillin' in the pantry.  The pantry isn't awful, but most of it's contents are to be enjoyed in moderation.

During my mommy travels, I have picked up a few tricks to squeezing in fruits and vegetables when children are picky eaters.  My personal experience is that all kids will eventually try new foods, and life is much easier when you aren't badgering them about their diet. 

Power struggles with toddlers are no walk in the park.

When all else fails, here are my favorite tricks to sneaking in fruits and vegetables:

1.  Make brownies with black beans.  Standard brownie mix bakes just fine with a can of pureed black beans (15 oz can).  It actually bakes fudgy, dense and delicious.  No need for extra ingredients.  Just drain the beans, place back in can, fill to rim with water and puree.  Grease pan, add pureed beans to brownie mix, stir and bake.


2.  Bake breakfast muffins, and add apples or blueberries.  Or carrots.  Try zucchini and pumpkin.  Muffins and breads are an excellent place to hide nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.

3.  Do your kids love mashed potatoes?  Or mac and cheese? Puree cauliflower and stir it right in. 

4.  Pasta is king when it comes to kids.  Puree carrots, spinach or peppers and add to pasta sauce. 

5.  Last but not least, the almighty smoothie.  Nothing beats a smoothie made with organic yogurt, milk and fresh fruits.  For a real treat try blending a milkshake after dinner with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

Share your tips and tricks.  I'd love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday!