Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Habits of Slim People

According to Dr. Oz, slim people have a few similar habits.  He categorizes slim people as people at their ideal weight, with above average health.  I watched his video, and while I believe genetics plays a big role in our bodies and weight, Dr. Oz always makes some excellent points.

Here is his video clip : 7 Habits of Slim People

Not a video clip fan?  Can't stand that 30 second advertisement before EVERY online video?  I've got your back.

To summarize:

1.  Exercise in the morning. 

Dr. Oz says that slim people exercise in the morning.  I'm all for the "get it over with and start your day" mentality, but Dr. Oz claims there is more.  When you exercise before breakfast, you improve your glucose tolerance and increase your body's ability to burn fat.

Pretty nifty.

2.  East smaller meals.

Eat smaller meals, several times a day, rather than three big ones.  This habit keeps your metabolism kickin'.

3.  Eat slower and savor your food.

Slow down.  Enjoy your food.  When you eat slower, you overeat less because you can read your body's signals to stop eating.  Less scarfing down cookies and more enjoying a few cookies.

Makes sense.

4.  Don't skip breakfast.

Fuel your engine after your morning workout.  Get your metabolism going for the day with a healthy, hearty breakfast.

Does a Frappuccino count?

5.  Monitor your health

Keep track of your workouts, weigh yourself.  Stay aware of your health and mark progress.  You will catch the weight gain before your buttons don't button and your zipper is ripping back open.

Always a good thing.

6.  Get a fitness hobby

Other than the gym, slim people enjoy tennis.  Running.  Volleyball.  They clean the house vigorously a few times.  Slim people are active.

Pretty sure I didn't need Dr. Oz for that one.

7.  Drink water.

Dr. Oz says slim people drink water.  They have this one trait in common.

I will never, ever be a water drinker.  I drink it, I enjoy it when I exercise and before bed.  But I will struggle with this til the end of time.

On that note, with the weekend ahead, make it a great one!   

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