Monday, May 14, 2012

A 9th Birthday Story

Nine years ago, I was in the hospital having my Gymnastics Queen.  I was accompanied by my sister in law, who is also my best friend from high school.

She dated my brother all through high school.  We ran in the same crowd.  We used to dream about her marrying my brother, the kids we would have and how awesome everything would be.

Just about everything came true.  Except in our dreams I'm pretty sure we were insanely wealthy and we lived on the same street.

You can't win 'em all.

When I went into labor with my daughter nine years ago, I called my bestie to join me in the hospital.  My labor was unusually easy, and we all chatted happily until about ten minutes before I had to push.  No drugs, no meds, no anything.  It was such an irresponsible way to portray labor to my sister in law, who was puking from the pain at three centimeters with her first a year later.

Sorry doll.  Although I'm sure she took pleasure in seeing the Gymnastics Queen pay me back all the way through her terrible 2's.  Good babies are not known for making good toddlers. 

Anyhow, the miraculous part of this story is that as we all sat in the hospital, it was my sister in law's birthday.  Out of 365 days of the year, my first baby girl was born a month early, on the same day as one of the dearest friend's I've ever had.  Just like it was meant to be.

And we're all family.

Today two of my favorite girls celebrate their birthday.  And I'm still counting my blessings, amazed at how God works.

Happy 9th Birthday to my baby girl, and Happy Birthday to my dear sister in law Mimi.  You are two very special ladies!

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