Sunday, May 20, 2012

To all the Mommy Bloggers

One of the wonderful aspects of being a "mommy blogger" is finding a circle of other mommy bloggers.  You find women you only know through what they share on their blogs, and you find yourself following along in their story.  You support each other, "tweet" back and forth and like Facebook pages.  You laugh at the insanity that is being a woman.  The insanity that is being a mom.  The insanity of  being whoever it is you are.

And without these other bloggers, many of us would never know about blog design.  Or making our own fonts.  We would know nothing about reviewing products or how to grow our blogs.  Without other bloggers to post tutorials and lead the way, many of us would have quit at day two.  We would have thrown in the towel, making even more laundry for ourselves.  The frustration would have been too much.

But we forge ahead, regardless of crappy stats and blog blunders.  Regardless of comments that may or may not sing to our souls.  We keep going because we have a circle of women just like us, all over the world, and they keep going.

They keep sharing.

They keep moving forward.

I want to thank all the "Mommy Bloggers" out there, who also sit in their mismatched pajamas typing away while crumbs lay on their floors and dishes sit unwashed in their sinks.  Who find something to write even when there is nothing left.

Thanks for sharing your stories.  Your tricks.  Thanks for whatever piece of yourself you opened up to the world, because it's not easy putting it all out there.

March on ladies.  March on.

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